New Ritarian LET passers from the College Department

The Ritarian community of Saint Rita College-Manila is proud of Ms. Michelle Edulan Carido (4693), Ms. Jean Iris Magboo Espiritu (8493), Sr. Maria Veronica Damasino Mendez (14173), Ms. Joenabeth Vargas Morbos (14769), and Ms. Ma. Joanna May Aguilar Nicolas (13538). They took the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) on March 24, 2019.

As a Teacher Training Institution, the school community takes pride in the efforts and success of the College Department for producing new licensed educators! The Ritarian LET passing rate of the Elementary Department is 40% which is beyond the 27.28% national passing rate. The High School Department has 42.86% which is higher than the 25.95% national passing rate.

The Ritarian College Department offers Bachelor of Arts in English Studies, Bachelor in Elementary Education and Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English and Religious Studies.

Congratulations our dear successful Ritarians!

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