Ritarian Alumni Donates Hospital Bed and Wheelchair

Through the initiative of Jasmin Carrao, Ritarian alumni Batch ’81, the elderly Sisters of Tahanang Talangpaz,Tagaytay City were grateful for the hospital bed and wheelchair. It was Sr. Roselyn Jardenil, AR, the local Econome of Tahanang Talangpaz who picked them up at the residence of Jasmin Carrao on June 19, 2019. The donor of the hospital bed was Ms. Rose Zapanta, friend of Anna Liza Mariano Tupas, High School Batch ‘85 while the wheel chair was donated by Mylen Andres Rodenas Elementary Batch 81 & High School Batch 85 and her niece Janice Alog Walker-Jaime Santos, Elementary Batch 81.

It was also good to remember that Batch ’81 made an actual visit to Tahanang Talangpaz on November 24, 2018. The AR Sisters were so happy for the visit and for the gifts extended to them by these Ritarian alumni. It was also a charitable gesture of these alumni to remember their mentors during their formative days at Saint Rita College-Manila.

Gratitude is hereby extended to these alumni with a prayer that the Lord may bless them in great abundance!

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