Ritarians Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel with a Talangpaz flavor

For most Ritarians, July 16 is offered significantly to Our Lady of Carmel. However, what makes this year’s celebration a unique one is the 300 Years Anniversary of the Arrival of the Talangpaz Sisters in Calumpang (within the vicinity of the school and AR Motherhouse). In 1719, Mother Dionisia and Mother Cecilia Rosa Talangpaz travelled from their native Calumpit Bulacan in order to offer themselves at the foot of Our Lady of Carmel enshrined at San Sebastian Church.

The new Drum and Bell Corps facilitated by Sr. Marisa Bernasor, AR led the student body in a parade at 7:00am. It was their first time to showcase their talents along the streets of the school’s vicinity. Four students held the tarpaulin on the 3rd Centenary of the arrival of the Talangpaz Sisters. It was a way of informIng the public regarding the presence of the Servants of God in the vicinity 300 years ago.

It was followed by the Investiture of the members of Our Lady of Carmel at the school’s Chapel. Sr. Jamaikha Acle, AR with the ARSC Officers patiently prepared well the medals and the short ceremony. Ritarians expressed their faith in Jesus as they prayed, ‘To Jesus, through Mary’.

The Ritarians’ sponsored Holy Mass at San Sebastian Basilica was delayed from supposedy 10:00 into 10:45am. Despite the delay, Ritarians still showed enthusiam in walking towards the Church and celebrate the Thanksgiving Mass. There were some parents and guardians who joined the school community in celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Carmel.

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