Let us praise and thank God for all the blessings received.

When we give, when we serve,  we are not only blessing others. We are not only making God’s love more alive in others.. because as we serve God, and as we do it well and properly, we also allow God to bless usWe cannot give what we do not have, so as we serve, we are telling God to fill us up first, give us graces, energy and love so that we can also share these with others. We are telling God we need healing too so we can be instruments of God’s healing to others. It may require more effort and energy on our part to serve… but we are sure that as we do so, we will be doubly blessed. We are serving a generous God who cannot be out-given! let us joyfully thank our benefactors for making this outreach program meaningful. As Ritarians, we always put God as our first giver and lover, and let us join in thanking God by praising Him, ” ONE MIND ONE HEART, ONWARD TO THE LORD.”



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