Joyful faith

“Faith is a gift from God. And so, we are joyful in this special jubilee year,” Archbishop Valles said.  He explained to Vatican Radio that they are also joyful because they have experienced that faith has given meaning to life. “In a sense, faith helps us to navigate through the journey of life,” and this faith is lived not only individually but also in the family and in the community.

Witnessing to faith in Jesus in the Asian context, according to Pope Francis, Archbishop Valles said, means to show the joy of believing. “It is joyful to believe and entrust our lives to Jesus.”  Life in the Philippines, he said, is difficult but faith helps them to be strong amidst the storms of life and forge ahead, assured that the Lord with them.  This is the reason behind the joy of the 500 years of the Christian faith in the Philippines – the joy of living in the Lord.

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