“Life-Giving Ritarians, Communicating Truth and Love Towards Unity and Harmony” Nicole Therese Cleofe


Being a student of Saint Rita College Manila for 4 years now, I have learned so much values and lessons not only from the faculty and staff but also from my fellow students during my time here. We helped each other out on broadening our knowledge and honing our skills and we also went through some tough times together. Because of these different experiences, we have come to learn a lot of valuable lessons which we can use in our lives. As Ritarians, we can use these lessons we have learned from our school to communicate it to the people who might have the need to hear it.

Saint Rita College Manila have these four core values that we never forget to say during our morning assemblies and these core values are Service-Oriented, Responsible, Charitable, and Modest. The school always emphasizes on these four core values and makes us understand the importance of having these values implemented in our lives. Ritarians use these four core values to communicate truth and love to the people. A Ritarian never hesitates on lending a helping hand to those in need and do acts of charity in their own ways especially to those who are less fortunate. Ritarians are responsible and modest people so they act as a role model to those who are around them.

Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, alongside with it are fights between people, be it the government or even between family members. This is a really crucial time for all of us and the people are straying away from one another. Now, really is the time that we need to help each other out in order to make progress. As Ritarians, we are supposed to unify people through love. Although it is hard for us to do so since we are all in quarantine, social media is really a useful platform for us to use on these times. Every words and media we share online matters and we have to make sure that it is the truth to avoid creating more feuds between people and making the situation of the world worse than it is. We are taught to be responsible Ritarians and this must show in what we share on our posts online.

We all know that our main mission as a Christians is to spread the Good News in order for us to be united in harmony and be a part of the salvation which is the will of God. We should set our goals on achieving peace and making the world a better place not only for us living in the present but also for those people in the upcoming generations. Applying the values of a Ritarian in our lives even though we are not inside the campus will be of help on us in communicating truth and love. When the time comes that we will finish our studies in this school, we will always be a Ritarian and will always implement the values of being service-oriented, responsible, charitable, and modest.


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