Self & Environment: Stop the excessive CO2! BY: Geann Wil P. Estaris

Smoking has led to many deaths from cases such as stroke, diabetes, and cancer, which accumulates to about 70% of all deaths in the world. This study is based from the World Health Organization (WHO). But we still see people who smoke in our day to day lives, which can cause asthma or even worse, lung cancer. Diabetes also causes fatal damage due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. To prevent these things happening to you, stop behaviors such as smoking, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity. Not preventing behaviors such as these, can lead to obesity and HBP (High Blood Pressure). Smoking or CO2 cannot hurt you, it is running out of oxygen that can hurt you, but it can also hurt the environment, not just you.


Climate Change can deal massive damage to our environment. The probable causes of this sudden change in heat are, deforestation, pollution in land, water and air, and you guessed it! Smoking! Due to oil pumps burning oil which produce electricity and CO2, better known as smoke. CO2 can affect and hurt our environment because of too much smoke that can replace our oxygen, with CO2, which is bad. To prevent all of these, we need to replace our oil pumps with solar panels to generate energy without polluting the air. Switching from oil pumps to solar panels or windmills will be expensive, but it will be worth it.

Therefore, we shall stop the excessive production of CO2, as it can lead to deaths of human kind as well as the earth itself.





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