SRC-M World Book Online (WBOL) provides the same expert information found in The World Book Encyclopedia in an interactive, online environment. When you search World Book Online, you are not searching the Web; you’re searching the same material you would trust from your local library.

All of the content on World Book Online is similar to our encyclopedia content, but can be updated on the fly! Unlike the Web, the information found on World Book Online is reliable and organized, and gives you, the user, and easy access to credible and current information. World Book Online provides a user-friendly research environment. Users have more control over search results and can use predictive or advanced search options to filter results. Each database returns a variety of content types, including articles, images, videos, etc. The more advanced databases return up to 20 content types! Citations for each article, media, and source are included on the same page. A consolidated layout makes it easier to find research tools, videos, audios, and more information in convenient tabs or menus. A fixed header allows quick and easy access to the tools and features in the navigational bar from anywhere on the article page.



  • Launch the My World Book Accountpage by clicking on one of the access areas (for more detail on how to launch this page scroll down) or click Access on the side-menu.
  • Click create an account.
  • Fill in the form and click submit.
  • Note: To use the teacher features in World Book Wizard, be sure to select teacher under account type. Once you have an educator code from World Book, the teacher account allows you to create classes, assign content, and monitor student progress.
  • A confirmation message indicates that your account was successfully created. Click OKto return to the location originally selected.
  • You are now logged in to your My World Book accountand will remain logged in as you move between products.

Access the “My World Book Account” page

You can create an account from several different areas within World Book Online.

Note: You will only see products that are part of your account subscription.

If you are not signed in to an existing account, clicking on any of the following areas will launch the My World Book Account page and allow you to log in to an existing account or create a new one.

Aside from world book online we have also,


Current Awareness

The Library informs its patrons of the new acquisitions through its website and social media accounts.

Scan and Deliver Services

Patrons may get full-text electronic journal articles and book chapters from subscribed databases and open and free access resources. With this service, students will be able to read the library resources they need anytime.


Online Book Borrowing/Reservation


  1. Send your request to or message us through text or messenger with the title and author of the book.
  2. Wait the notification in your Facebook, messenger or email for confirmation of your request.

Online conversations with Ask- A-Librarian thru Facebook, Email and text

Online book borrowing and reservation

Online book request

  • This service is designed to provide access to resources tailored fit to the request of the library community.
  • Students and faculty may send their suggested books and recommendations to be purchased via email

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