The rosary devotion has been given to us by our own blessed mother Mary, as a way for us to draw closer to the Lord through her, as a way for us to deepen our relationship with God through prayer, by removing from us the distractions and the temptations of our daily living, and instead focusing ourselves on the Lord and His mother, through which we may grow ever deeper in spirituality and in commitment to God, and through the rosary, we may grow ever better as Christians, and also even inspire others to follow in our good examples.

The Queen of Heaven and of the Earth brings us all that we should request. Our spiritual mother, Mary the mother of God with the power of the Holy Spirit brought “the Word Made Flesh” to our world and our lives. The cause of our joy, Mary, is a figure in our lives that we can have as a mother to nurture us when we are suffering, and to join us when we jubilant. She is the one that we can send our cries, our mourning’s, and our joviality. She hears all voices and accepts all people; she loves each and every one of us. Our mother celebrates our life with us at all times. I believe she visits those who are sick in heart, mind, and soul; to them she brings reason and new life back to their souls. These people have been blessed in an inexplicable way.

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