Virtual Celebration of Buwan ng Wika 2021: A preservation of Our Culture and Tradition By: Angeline Alby de Mesa

On the 31st of August 2021, Saint Rita College of Manila and the Apilino Club held a series of events and competitions entitled “Buwan ng kasaysayan at Wikang Pambansa” with the theme of “Kasaysayan at Wikang Filipino, tungo sa Tagumpay ng Delokonisasyon ng Isip at ng Sangkatauhan”

The event was spearheaded by Filipino Club moderator, Mr. Jo-Nathaniel Valbuena and Ms. Joeanne Geronimo, which was hosted by the Grade 9 student, Johanna Garay. At exactly 1:00 p.m. of the said date, the online program commenced through Facebook live and officially started with the opening prayer which is led by Angeline de Mesa also of Grade 9-Love, followed by the singing of the National Anthem.

Selected Ritarians were invited to participate in various competitions such as Pagmodel ng Tradisyunal na Kasuotan from preschool to Grade 3 pupils which highlighted the importance of traditional clothing as they reflect the values of our heritage and cultural identity. Because of Ritarians’ creativity and uniqueness, Elementary students from grade 4 to grade 6 also competed in Paggawa ng Social Media Card at Islogan. Finally, the students from Junior High school proudly performed their piece in Masining na Pagkukuwento that illustrates how language and storytelling can connect people together.

During the event, it was evidently clear that the skills and abilities of these Ritarians was impressive and inspiring with the way they showcased their talents and creativity. Awards were also given to those who excel in the said program. The 2nd runner up for the Pagmodel ng Tradisyunal na Kasuotan was given to Reilly Alain Seril of grade 3-saint Ezekiel Moreno, while the 1st runner up was awarded to Chaille Jaden Galang of Grade 2-Saint Rita, and the Champion for the Pagmodel ng Tradisyunal na Kasuotan is Zhim Carlisle Macapa-ar of Grade 3-St. Ezekiel Moreno. For the Paggawa ng Social Media Card at Islogan, the 2nd runner up was awarded to Chrissy Shylah Siojo of Grade 5-St. Lorenzo Ruiz, the 1st runner up was awarded to Ehzra Geanna Kindra Quila of Grade 6-St. Joseph, and the champion is Clara Sopia Serrano of grade 4-st. Possidius. The declared winners for Masining na Pagkukuwento was given and received by Samantha Ashley Guinto of Grade 10-humility, 3rd runner up, Jacy Rhian Dais of Grade 8-hope, 2nd runner up, Maria Samantha Ayaton of Grade 9-love, 1st runner up, and the champion is Angela Marie Cristobal of Grade 7-faith.

One of the facilitators, Ms. Joeanne Geronimo, adviser of Grade seven faith emphasized how Ritarians never give up amid the covid-19 pandemic, and quotes “Hindi magpapahuli, hindi magpapadaig at higit sa lahat handang lumaban sa anumang larangan” which is a clear message of hope and inspiration to all Ritarians.

The celebration of the Buwan ng kasaysayan at Wikang Pambansa were definitely a success because it highlights the willingness of Ritarians to participate despite the Covid-19 pandemic. It also embodies the preservation of our culture and tradition.

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