Ritarians Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel with a Talangpaz flavor

For most Ritarians, July 16 is offered significantly to Our Lady of Carmel. However, what makes this year’s celebration a unique one is the 300 Years Anniversary of the Arrival of the Talangpaz Sisters in Calumpang (within the vicinity of the school and AR Motherhouse). In 1719, Mother Dionisia and Mother Cecilia Rosa Talangpaz travelled from their native Calumpit Bulacan in order to offer themselves at the foot of Our Lady of Carmel enshrined at San Sebastian Church.

The new Drum and Bell Corps facilitated by Sr. Marisa Bernasor, AR led the student body in a parade at 7:00am. It was their first time to showcase their talents along the streets of the school’s vicinity. Four students held the tarpaulin on the 3rd Centenary of the arrival of the Talangpaz Sisters. It was a way of informIng the public regarding the presence of the Servants of God in the vicinity 300 years ago.

It was followed by the Investiture of the members of Our Lady of Carmel at the school’s Chapel. Sr. Jamaikha Acle, AR with the ARSC Officers patiently prepared well the medals and the short ceremony. Ritarians expressed their faith in Jesus as they prayed, ‘To Jesus, through Mary’.

The Ritarians’ sponsored Holy Mass at San Sebastian Basilica was delayed from supposedy 10:00 into 10:45am. Despite the delay, Ritarians still showed enthusiam in walking towards the Church and celebrate the Thanksgiving Mass. There were some parents and guardians who joined the school community in celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Carmel.

Ritarian Alumni Donates Hospital Bed and Wheelchair

Through the initiative of Jasmin Carrao, Ritarian alumni Batch ’81, the elderly Sisters of Tahanang Talangpaz,Tagaytay City were grateful for the hospital bed and wheelchair. It was Sr. Roselyn Jardenil, AR, the local Econome of Tahanang Talangpaz who picked them up at the residence of Jasmin Carrao on June 19, 2019. The donor of the hospital bed was Ms. Rose Zapanta, friend of Anna Liza Mariano Tupas, High School Batch ‘85 while the wheel chair was donated by Mylen Andres Rodenas Elementary Batch 81 & High School Batch 85 and her niece Janice Alog Walker-Jaime Santos, Elementary Batch 81.

It was also good to remember that Batch ’81 made an actual visit to Tahanang Talangpaz on November 24, 2018. The AR Sisters were so happy for the visit and for the gifts extended to them by these Ritarian alumni. It was also a charitable gesture of these alumni to remember their mentors during their formative days at Saint Rita College-Manila.

Gratitude is hereby extended to these alumni with a prayer that the Lord may bless them in great abundance!

The First AR Sister from the UST Conservatory of Music: Sr. Marisa Tutor Bernasor, AR

It was a melodious day for Sr. Marisa Tutor Bernasor, AR who graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Music Major in Music Education at the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas (UST) Manila on June 4, 2019.

Joining with her on this milestone at UST were Sr. Antonietta Castanares, AR, Sr. Cleofe Maria Agua, AR, Sr. Maria Lirio Guillermo, AR and Sr. Vicenta Climacosa, AR. She had her Graduation Recital in Piano on May 20, 2019 which was well attended by AR Sisters and Rev. Fr. Rene Paglinawan, OAR. Based on AR History, she is the first AR Sister who graduated with that course at UST. It is indeed a blessing for the Augustinian Recollect Family! Sr Marisa has been sharing her talent in music for several years already in collaboration with other AR Musicians. As a musician and educator, she will continue to spread music like that of David in the Book of Psalms. Presently assigned at Saint Rita College Manila as School Registrar, she will also handle Music classes… a Ritarian blessing as well! Congratulations our dear Sr. Maris!

New Ritarian LET passers from the College Department

The Ritarian community of Saint Rita College-Manila is proud of Ms. Michelle Edulan Carido (4693), Ms. Jean Iris Magboo Espiritu (8493), Sr. Maria Veronica Damasino Mendez (14173), Ms. Joenabeth Vargas Morbos (14769), and Ms. Ma. Joanna May Aguilar Nicolas (13538). They took the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) on March 24, 2019.

As a Teacher Training Institution, the school community takes pride in the efforts and success of the College Department for producing new licensed educators! The Ritarian LET passing rate of the Elementary Department is 40% which is beyond the 27.28% national passing rate. The High School Department has 42.86% which is higher than the 25.95% national passing rate.

The Ritarian College Department offers Bachelor of Arts in English Studies, Bachelor in Elementary Education and Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English and Religious Studies.

Congratulations our dear successful Ritarians!

Ritarian Teachers Prepare for More Innovations

Innovative Ritarian Teachers were blessed to mee

t under the technical tutelage of Sr. Rhena Sherra Caranzo, AR. This is in response to the challenge of educating the young Ritarians on the proper use of technology. As early as 8:00 o’clock in the morning of Wednesday, May 29, 2019, the faculty brought along with them their respective laptops and smart phones. Sr. Rhena Sherra Caranzo, AR guided them in exploring G Education Suite. This is anchored on the school’s website. Prior to this gathering, all teachers were given new emails attached to the school’s website. During the training, they were

able to use them. Soon all Ritarians from Basic Education to College will also have their own share of new emails as they will venture into the world of G Education Suite. Next in line, is the training of Apple Ipad in Curriculum and Instruction.


Commencement Exercises 2019: “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All”

Recognition, Moving Up and the 97th Commencement Exercises were celebrated on March 19, 2019 at the school’s auditorium with the theme, “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All”. It was a relief for parents, guardians and visitors to use the elevator for the first time to reach the auditorium at the fourth floor. Rev. Fr. Rene Paglinawan, OAR was the Presider during the Holy Mass at 8:00AM after the processional march of all outstanding students, completers, graduates and parents. During the homily, Fr. Rene focused on the core values of the school as Ritarians were encouraged to be service-oriented, responsible, charitable and modest. Sr. Marisa Bernasor, AR led the students in the hymns of the Mass to the appreciation of all present. Among the guests were the PTA President, alumni representative and Power Mac personnel for the turning-over of initial Apple Ipads for school year 2019-2020. Parents of outstanding students showed their grateful smiles as they accompanied their children to the stage for their medals and certificates. The Ritarian family was indeed grateful to the Lord for the graces received during school year 2018-2019. Announcement for summer activities and other important information in preparation for next school year were also presented.