Online Classes By:Mary Grace C. Castillejos


Online Classes
By:Mary Grace C. Castillejos

This is one of the controversial topics that we
can encounter today, because of the pandemic online
classes started to avoid breakouts from the virus,
this helps us to learn at the same time while we are
having a quarantine. This topic is only based by my
personal preference and perspective.
To clarify a lot of things let me ask you
something; why do we need to have online classes?
also, what are the questions that might ask
ourselves while discussing this topic? I have
encountered a lot of opinions of each person on the
internet, yes some might agree or disagree with
online classes. But based on my experience I did
agree with this kind of system because it does help
me to avoid any contact with other people and at the
same time, I also learned at home. For me, it’s a
yes but let’s also considered the students who don’t
have gadgets to learn and that’s the problem that
the government has to think about. What are the
systems/methods that really helped students? First I
want to be thankful that we are learning, we are
getting so much information about this virus because
of the system we have, and let’s also be thankful
Electronics and Internet already existed in this
world. Now let’s go back to the question, what are
the systems/methods that really helped students? I
do love the fact that we are having a screen break
after each class and we are learning even though
this pandemic is ongoing. But I don’t like the fact
that here in the Philippines our Internet connection
are unstable, most of us doesn’t really have
accessible gadgets and our economy are getting low
because of the lockdown. There are a lot of
considerations before doing this kind of thing. To
conclude, there are a lot of things to reconsider
and talk about more about this. Because I don’t
think I have the position to tell about what I think
about this controversial topic because all of us
having a hard time adjusting to this new normal. We
are still progressing, but I hope one day our
progress and hard work may pay off at the end of the
day, get back on our feet and learn from our
mistakes because of this pandemic. as life passes we
are discovering new things, we are progressing and
that’s what this whole pandemic telling us and what
God telling us that’s don’t lose hope and pray for
our own good. FIGHTING!!

Exposition/ Discussion Written Wor

Gifted to Lead: Building Unity Amidst Distance BY: Jillian Raeka F. Dais

Gifted to Lead: Building Unity Amidst Distance
by: Jillian Raeka F. Dais

The ARSC Leadership Training 2021 was held on Feb 26, 2021. It started at 7:30 am and ended at 5:00 pm. It was held in the SRCM AVR via Google meet. All ARSC candidates were invited in the program. This will help the candidates to prepare for the upcoming ARSC Local Chapter Elections.

On February 26, 2021, the ARSC upcoming officers had a meeting about becoming a leader. In leadership they encountered a lot of things things, cooperation and socialization.

Being a leader means having to cooperate as a team. In the meeting, they had Sr. Mashyll P. Entac, AR and Mr. Jo Nathaniel G. Valbuena as their guest speakers. They discussed about the important parts of leadership. Which includes knowing the weaknesses and strengths of every members in our group. As they begin to climb on the leadership side, they must know first to cooperate with a team.

To wrap it all up,”Leadership is an action, not a position.” – Donald McGannon.

Good luck ARSC candidates and stay safe Ritarians!!!



Let us praise and thank God for all the blessings received.

When we give, when we serve,  we are not only blessing others. We are not only making God’s love more alive in others.. because as we serve God, and as we do it well and properly, we also allow God to bless usWe cannot give what we do not have, so as we serve, we are telling God to fill us up first, give us graces, energy and love so that we can also share these with others. We are telling God we need healing too so we can be instruments of God’s healing to others. It may require more effort and energy on our part to serve… but we are sure that as we do so, we will be doubly blessed. We are serving a generous God who cannot be out-given! let us joyfully thank our benefactors for making this outreach program meaningful. As Ritarians, we always put God as our first giver and lover, and let us join in thanking God by praising Him, ” ONE MIND ONE HEART, ONWARD TO THE LORD.”



LET US SUPPORT THIS CONCERT FOR A CAUSE. To be given by those people who are affected by typhoon Ulyses. Join us as we take this humble effort and initiative to help the victims of calamities. You can donate any amount in our bank (RCBC) account Saint Rita College-Manila, Inc. Account number: 7589705771 or in your GCash then transfer fund to RCBC. May you consider your donations as a gift to our brothers and sisters. Your small donations can create a big difference especially in these trying times. To watch all the performances please like and share our page. Merry Christmas Everyone.


Ritarians Celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel with a Talangpaz flavor

For most Ritarians, July 16 is offered significantly to Our Lady of Carmel. However, what makes this year’s celebration a unique one is the 300 Years Anniversary of the Arrival of the Talangpaz Sisters in Calumpang (within the vicinity of the school and AR Motherhouse). In 1719, Mother Dionisia and Mother Cecilia Rosa Talangpaz travelled from their native Calumpit Bulacan in order to offer themselves at the foot of Our Lady of Carmel enshrined at San Sebastian Church.

The new Drum and Bell Corps facilitated by Sr. Marisa Bernasor, AR led the student body in a parade at 7:00am. It was their first time to showcase their talents along the streets of the school’s vicinity. Four students held the tarpaulin on the 3rd Centenary of the arrival of the Talangpaz Sisters. It was a way of informIng the public regarding the presence of the Servants of God in the vicinity 300 years ago.

It was followed by the Investiture of the members of Our Lady of Carmel at the school’s Chapel. Sr. Jamaikha Acle, AR with the ARSC Officers patiently prepared well the medals and the short ceremony. Ritarians expressed their faith in Jesus as they prayed, ‘To Jesus, through Mary’.

The Ritarians’ sponsored Holy Mass at San Sebastian Basilica was delayed from supposedy 10:00 into 10:45am. Despite the delay, Ritarians still showed enthusiam in walking towards the Church and celebrate the Thanksgiving Mass. There were some parents and guardians who joined the school community in celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Carmel.

Free Ritarian Shirts for the Drum and Lyre Bell Corps

Free Ritarian Shirts for the Drum and Lyre Bell Corps

Alumni Elementary Batch ’87 and High School Batch ’91 through Myra Arellano Astilla, Emmalyn Najera and Atty. Sheila Eileen Fernandez donated free Ritarian shirts to the new Drum and Lyre Bell Corps. Sr. Marisa Bernasor, AR shared that the Drum and Lyre Bell Corps will use them as part of the celebration on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. There will be a parade on July 16, 2019 at 7:00AM and the Drum and Lyre Bell Corps will wear them for the first time. The school community is grateful for the assistance extended to the younger Ritarians. May the Lord bless the generosity of these alumni.

Ritarian Alumni Donates Hospital Bed and Wheelchair

Through the initiative of Jasmin Carrao, Ritarian alumni Batch ’81, the elderly Sisters of Tahanang Talangpaz,Tagaytay City were grateful for the hospital bed and wheelchair. It was Sr. Roselyn Jardenil, AR, the local Econome of Tahanang Talangpaz who picked them up at the residence of Jasmin Carrao on June 19, 2019. The donor of the hospital bed was Ms. Rose Zapanta, friend of Anna Liza Mariano Tupas, High School Batch ‘85 while the wheel chair was donated by Mylen Andres Rodenas Elementary Batch 81 & High School Batch 85 and her niece Janice Alog Walker-Jaime Santos, Elementary Batch 81.

It was also good to remember that Batch ’81 made an actual visit to Tahanang Talangpaz on November 24, 2018. The AR Sisters were so happy for the visit and for the gifts extended to them by these Ritarian alumni. It was also a charitable gesture of these alumni to remember their mentors during their formative days at Saint Rita College-Manila.

Gratitude is hereby extended to these alumni with a prayer that the Lord may bless them in great abundance!