Ritarian Teachers Prepare for More Innovations

Innovative Ritarian Teachers were blessed to mee

t under the technical tutelage of Sr. Rhena Sherra Caranzo, AR. This is in response to the challenge of educating the young Ritarians on the proper use of technology. As early as 8:00 o’clock in the morning of Wednesday, May 29, 2019, the faculty brought along with them their respective laptops and smart phones. Sr. Rhena Sherra Caranzo, AR guided them in exploring G Education Suite. This is anchored on the school’s website. Prior to this gathering, all teachers were given new emails attached to the school’s website. During the training, they were

able to use them. Soon all Ritarians from Basic Education to College will also have their own share of new emails as they will venture into the world of G Education Suite. Next in line, is the training of Apple Ipad in Curriculum and Instruction.


Ritarian Drum and Bell Corps Performs During the Feast of Saint Rita



It took nine days for selected young Ritarians to finish their 2019 Summer training as Ritarian Drum and Bell Corps. It was the initiative of Sr. Marisa Bernasor to gather young Ritarians to hone their talents. Ritarian parents were very supportive of this undertaking. Wearing their type B uniform, the Drum and Bell Corps had their presentation at the basketball court after the 10:00 AM Holy Mass. It created a festive atmosphere in the campus with the devotees of Saint Rita as spectators.  The Drum and Bell Corps will continue their training and subsequent presentations during school year 2019-2020.


SRCM says “Thank You” to Alumni Donors of Apple Ipad

The school administration is grateful to some alumni who responded to the vision of using Apple Ipad in Classroom Instruction. With the initiative of Atty. Sheila Fernandez and Emmalyn Najera from Elementary Batch ’87 and High School Batch ‘91, three Apple Ipads were handed to the school. Its initial use was the Alumni Online Registration during the Feast day of Saint Rita. The Donor of the first Apple Ipad is Mrs. Arcelli Galut from High School Batch ‘91; the second Apple Ipad came from the generosity of Cherry Arriola, Maricel Ibarrola, Jeremy Gray Panopio and Christine Sagmit from High School Batch ‘92 and the third Apple Ipad is from the bounty of the Bautista Sisters from Elementary Batch ’86 and High School Batch ’92 & ‘96. The school administration hopes for more Apple Ipad from generous alumni for the young Ritarians starting school year 2019-2020.

Ritarian Alumni celebrate the Feast of Saint Rita


With one mind and one heart, Ritarian alumni flock to the chapel of Saint Rita College Manila on May 22, 2019 in order to celebrate the feast of Saint Rita, the patroness of Impossible Cases. The alumni actively participated in the ten o’clock Eucharistic celebration. Snacks were served after the Holy Masses ( 6am, 8am & 10am) with the joint sponsorship of the alumni (batch’81 thru Jasmin Carrao) and the AR Generalate Office.

The Feast day of Saint Rita was also an opportunity for the Alumni Online Registration at the arcade using the three Apple Ipads donated by some alumni. The alumni were assisted by teachers who were on their week-long In-Service Training at the school campus. There were also  two young alumni who offered their assistance. It was Sr. Rhena Sherra Caranzo, AR who created the Alumni Online Registration available at the bottom part of the school’s website: srcm.edu.ph. Ritarian Alumni both young and ‘not-so-young’ enjoyed exploring the Apple Ipad as they registered.

A group of Alumni continues their 9th year program of “We Care, We Share, We Pamper” by providing adult diapers for the elderly AR Sisters of Tahanang Talangpaz in Tagaytay.

Despite the death of their President, Ms. Maria Theresa Abustan, High School Batch ’71, the group continues this charitable act of paying back to the elderly AR Sisters some of whom were part of their

journey at Saint Rita College Manila.

The group was also able to hand-in monetary donation for some school projects. The school administration is grateful for their generosity.

Saint Rita College Manila Welcomes Caritas Manila

 Church volunteers in their red shirts flocked to the auditorium of Saint Rita College Manila on a Saturday morning of March 30, 2019.

It was a blessing to use the elevator since on going repairs are found along the stairs in going to the fourth  floor. They  listened attentively to the talk of Rev. Fr. Anton Pascual. This is part of their formation session as members of Caritas Manila.

Ritarians look forward to more engagements with the local Church.

SRCM Holds Brainstorming Session with PTA Officers and Alumni

A special meeting of the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) Officers and alumni from Elementary Batch ‘87 and High School Batch ‘91 was held at the Home Economics building on March 30, 2019. Present was the school Principal who listened to the substantial sharing geared towards the growth of the school. The alumni shared about their initial school involvement in coordination with the administration.

They also asked the PTA regarding some concrete concerns of the school for proper interventions. The parents were grateful to the alumni for the Apple Ipad donation and for the financial support in crafting the school’s website. Mr. Rogelio Alix, the PTA President expressed commitment to support the school and encourage more parents and friends to be involved in the affairs of the school. Atty. Sheila Eileen Fernandez and Ms. Myra Astilla, from Elementary Batch ‘87 & High School Batch ‘91 enthusiastically shared their great experiences about the school and their desire to help.


The school Principal took note of all the suggestions. It was a very enriching brainstorming session as everyone present expressed their commitment in generously r sharing their resources to help the school. Indeed, collaboration among stakeholders is necessary in our quest for being “one mind and one heart onward to the Lord!”

Experts Lighten Up Saint Rita College Manila

The ever supportive Board of Trustees (BOT) welcomed the initiatives of the School Administrative Board (SAB) in addressing some  school concerns. Conversation with experts happened on March 27, 2019 at the Audio Visual Room.

It was an enriching learning experience for the BOT and SAB. Along with these initiatives is the wholehearted support of the alumni. The school is grateful for the efforts of Atty. Sheila Eileen Fernandez, Mrs. Emmalyn Umali-Najera and Ms. Deck Salas, our active alumni who introduced Saint Rita College Manila to the expertise of Ms. Jinggay Gallardo. The Ritarians are looking forward to a more exciting journey with all stakeholders. 

Commencement Exercises 2019: “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All”

Recognition, Moving Up and the 97th Commencement Exercises were celebrated on March 19, 2019 at the school’s auditorium with the theme, “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All”. It was a relief for parents, guardians and visitors to use the elevator for the first time to reach the auditorium at the fourth floor. Rev. Fr. Rene Paglinawan, OAR was the Presider during the Holy Mass at 8:00AM after the processional march of all outstanding students, completers, graduates and parents. During the homily, Fr. Rene focused on the core values of the school as Ritarians were encouraged to be service-oriented, responsible, charitable and modest. Sr. Marisa Bernasor, AR led the students in the hymns of the Mass to the appreciation of all present. Among the guests were the PTA President, alumni representative and Power Mac personnel for the turning-over of initial Apple Ipads for school year 2019-2020. Parents of outstanding students showed their grateful smiles as they accompanied their children to the stage for their medals and certificates. The Ritarian family was indeed grateful to the Lord for the graces received during school year 2018-2019. Announcement for summer activities and other important information in preparation for next school year were also presented.

Alumni donate Apple Ipad

As Innovative Ritarians, the school through the support of the alumni has initiated a technology advancement program through the use of Apple Ipads in curriculum and instruction. There was an initial meeting at Power Mac Center on April 15, 2019, in Pasig. Listening to the presentations of the Power Mac personnel were Sr. Cleofe Maria Agua, the school Principal, Mr. Jo-Nathaniel Valbuena, the Academic Coordinator, Ms. Jenelyn Dela Cruz, the Computer Teacher, and Atty. Sheila Eileen Fernandez, Elementary alumna batch ’87 & High School Batch ‘91. Security feature exclusively for educational purposes of the Apple Ipads was put into its primary consideration. Teachers’ training and proper orientation to the school community will be conducted soon. Personnel of Power Mac was present during the Graduation Ceremony on March 19, 2019, and turned-over initial Apple Ipads sponsored by Ritarian alumni. It was an initial presentation to the school community in preparation for the school year 2019-2020.

Ritarians hold Academic Fair 2019

Ritarians always look forward to the annual Academic Fair. It is the last school activity within the school year which serves as a showcase of their learning from the first quarter until the fourth quarter. Teachers and students were earlier grouped according to the endeared Core Values of the school. The service-oriented team showcased their learning in Computer, Technology and Livelihood Education; Responsible team showcased their learning in Science and Mathematics; Charitable team presented their learning in English and Filipino subjects, and Modest team showcased their learning in Araling Panlipunan and Christian Living Education. Another group who displayed exhibits of their learning was the Senior High School team. The Academic Fair this school year was done on March 5 to 9, 2019. Some parents, alumni, and visitors were visible at the arcade to view their presentations. Fr. Antonio Carron, OAR, from Rome was able to view their exhibits and had a wonderful interaction with students and teachers. The winners of the Academic Fair was presented during the Commencement Exercises on March 19, 2019, at the Auditorium. Responsible Team was declared 2nd runner up; the Senior High School team was the 1st runner up and Modest team got the best teaser award and was proclaimed as this year’s Champion! Congratulations Ritarians!