Let us praise and thank God for all the blessings received.

When we give, when we serve,  we are not only blessing others. We are not only making God’s love more alive in others.. because as we serve God, and as we do it well and properly, we also allow God to bless usWe cannot give what we do not have, so as we serve, we are telling God to fill us up first, give us graces, energy and love so that we can also share these with others. We are telling God we need healing too so we can be instruments of God’s healing to others. It may require more effort and energy on our part to serve… but we are sure that as we do so, we will be doubly blessed. We are serving a generous God who cannot be out-given! let us joyfully thank our benefactors for making this outreach program meaningful. As Ritarians, we always put God as our first giver and lover, and let us join in thanking God by praising Him, ” ONE MIND ONE HEART, ONWARD TO THE LORD.”



LET US SUPPORT THIS CONCERT FOR A CAUSE. To be given by those people who are affected by typhoon Ulyses. Join us as we take this humble effort and initiative to help the victims of calamities. You can donate any amount in our bank (RCBC) account Saint Rita College-Manila, Inc. Account number: 7589705771 or in your GCash then transfer fund to RCBC. May you consider your donations as a gift to our brothers and sisters. Your small donations can create a big difference especially in these trying times. To watch all the performances please like and share our page. Merry Christmas Everyone.


Free Ritarian Shirts for the Drum and Lyre Bell Corps

Free Ritarian Shirts for the Drum and Lyre Bell Corps

Alumni Elementary Batch ’87 and High School Batch ’91 through Myra Arellano Astilla, Emmalyn Najera and Atty. Sheila Eileen Fernandez donated free Ritarian shirts to the new Drum and Lyre Bell Corps. Sr. Marisa Bernasor, AR shared that the Drum and Lyre Bell Corps will use them as part of the celebration on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. There will be a parade on July 16, 2019 at 7:00AM and the Drum and Lyre Bell Corps will wear them for the first time. The school community is grateful for the assistance extended to the younger Ritarians. May the Lord bless the generosity of these alumni.

Ritarian Drum and Bell Corps Performs During the Feast of Saint Rita



It took nine days for selected young Ritarians to finish their 2019 Summer training as Ritarian Drum and Bell Corps. It was the initiative of Sr. Marisa Bernasor to gather young Ritarians to hone their talents. Ritarian parents were very supportive of this undertaking. Wearing their type B uniform, the Drum and Bell Corps had their presentation at the basketball court after the 10:00 AM Holy Mass. It created a festive atmosphere in the campus with the devotees of Saint Rita as spectators.  The Drum and Bell Corps will continue their training and subsequent presentations during school year 2019-2020.


SRCM says “Thank You” to Alumni Donors of Apple Ipad

The school administration is grateful to some alumni who responded to the vision of using Apple Ipad in Classroom Instruction. With the initiative of Atty. Sheila Fernandez and Emmalyn Najera from Elementary Batch ’87 and High School Batch ‘91, three Apple Ipads were handed to the school. Its initial use was the Alumni Online Registration during the Feast day of Saint Rita. The Donor of the first Apple Ipad is Mrs. Arcelli Galut from High School Batch ‘91; the second Apple Ipad came from the generosity of Cherry Arriola, Maricel Ibarrola, Jeremy Gray Panopio and Christine Sagmit from High School Batch ‘92 and the third Apple Ipad is from the bounty of the Bautista Sisters from Elementary Batch ’86 and High School Batch ’92 & ‘96. The school administration hopes for more Apple Ipad from generous alumni for the young Ritarians starting school year 2019-2020.

Ritarian Alumni celebrate the Feast of Saint Rita


With one mind and one heart, Ritarian alumni flock to the chapel of Saint Rita College Manila on May 22, 2019 in order to celebrate the feast of Saint Rita, the patroness of Impossible Cases. The alumni actively participated in the ten o’clock Eucharistic celebration. Snacks were served after the Holy Masses ( 6am, 8am & 10am) with the joint sponsorship of the alumni (batch’81 thru Jasmin Carrao) and the AR Generalate Office.

The Feast day of Saint Rita was also an opportunity for the Alumni Online Registration at the arcade using the three Apple Ipads donated by some alumni. The alumni were assisted by teachers who were on their week-long In-Service Training at the school campus. There were also  two young alumni who offered their assistance. It was Sr. Rhena Sherra Caranzo, AR who created the Alumni Online Registration available at the bottom part of the school’s website: Ritarian Alumni both young and ‘not-so-young’ enjoyed exploring the Apple Ipad as they registered.

A group of Alumni continues their 9th year program of “We Care, We Share, We Pamper” by providing adult diapers for the elderly AR Sisters of Tahanang Talangpaz in Tagaytay.

Despite the death of their President, Ms. Maria Theresa Abustan, High School Batch ’71, the group continues this charitable act of paying back to the elderly AR Sisters some of whom were part of their

journey at Saint Rita College Manila.

The group was also able to hand-in monetary donation for some school projects. The school administration is grateful for their generosity.

Saint Rita College Manila Welcomes Caritas Manila

 Church volunteers in their red shirts flocked to the auditorium of Saint Rita College Manila on a Saturday morning of March 30, 2019.

It was a blessing to use the elevator since on going repairs are found along the stairs in going to the fourth  floor. They  listened attentively to the talk of Rev. Fr. Anton Pascual. This is part of their formation session as members of Caritas Manila.

Ritarians look forward to more engagements with the local Church.