Saint Rita College–Manila, Inc. is open to any student who wishes to avail of its Christian Augustinian education, provided he/she meets the school’s specific requirements and regulations. However, the school reserves the right to admission or readmission of students under certain conditions.

The school follows an open admission policy. Hence, candidates for admission must:


1. Have a general average of eighty (80) or better.

2. Have no failing grade on the Report Card, with all learning areas remarked as “PROMOTED”

3. Pass the entrance exam administered by the Guidance Office

4. Pass the personal Interview

1. Age Requirements

    a. Kindergarten – The child must be five years old by October.
    b. Grade 1- The child must be six years old by October.

2. Documentary Requirements

    a. Must have a Learner’s Reference Number

    b. Original Copy of PSA-issued Live Birth Certificate
    c. School Form 9 (Learner’s Progress Report Card) duly signed
    d. Good Moral Certificate (with Dry Seal) / Certificate to Transfer
    e. Original Copy of Baptismal & Confirmation Certificate
    f. Colored ID pictures – 2 pcs. “1×1”
    g. Other documents which may be asked by the Guidance Office

The following registration process is for admitted new Ritarians and for loyal Ritarians who wish to enroll.


Fill out and submit the registration form from the Guidance Office for encoding. Once encoded, proceed to the next step.



Proceed to the Cashier (Window 1) for the Assessment of Fees and pay the required amount. Then a printed copy of your registration form will be provided, and proceed to the next step.


Submit the “Registrar’s Copy” and “Adviser’s Copy” of the Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office (Window 3).

1. Learners who were once enrolled in SRCM, transferred to another  school but wanted to come back are considered new students and will have to submit themselves to all                  requirements for admission.

2. There will be no re-admission for Learners who have been advised for a new learning           environment from the school for reasonable cause.