Celebrating 116 Years of Excellence: Saint Rita College - Manila's Foundation Anniversary

In a grand celebration that marked 116 years of academic excellence and community commitment, Saint Rita College - Manila recently hosted a memorable Foundation Anniversary event. The festivities brought together students, faculty, alumni, and well-wishers to commemorate the rich history and achievements of the institution.

The anniversary kicked off with a lively parade, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Saint Rita College. Students, donned in colorful costumes, marched proudly through the campus, symbolizing the unity and diversity that define the institution. The parade served as a joyful reflection of the school's journey over the past 116 years.
Adding a melodious note to the celebration, the event featured a captivating band exhibition. Music filled the air as the college's talented musicians showcased their skills, captivating the audience with a diverse repertoire. The band exhibition added a touch of artistry to the festivities, emphasizing the holistic development of students at Saint Rita College.
As the day unfolded, it provided an opportunity for reflection on the institution's journey and a chance to look forward to the future. The foundation anniversary celebration was a testament to the commitment of Saint Rita College to nurture not just academically proficient individuals but also well-rounded personalities with a strong sense of community and values. The event succeeded in creating lasting memories, fostering a sense of pride and unity among students, faculty, and alumni. Saint Rita College - Manila's 116th Foundation Anniversary Celebration will undoubtedly be remembered as a vibrant and meaningful occasion that encapsulated the spirit of this esteemed institution. Here's to many more years of success, growth, and positive impact!